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It’s       “S”       here.

Who Am I?


How do you tell about yourself when the prime priority is to not let anybody know?

Well, I have dwelled on this question for long enough only to know I’ve ultimately failed in discovering a lucid answer in dialogue.

But hello, here I shall write my name as “S.”, I was born on March 18, 2000 in Central India, so the year makes me 22.

I grew up creating art from every thrown away thing I could find in my house, capturing each little piece of life that seized my heart. As years passed, the child never died. Hence, here you will find life-size sculptures made with old newspapers, art from recycled objects, poetry about all the minute details of life, and visual blogs catching all the Golden flickers of life.

I’ve never been to art school. All my creations and ideas result from self-learning and though I’m still a student, my subject is more on the academic side. Hint: it focuses on optimum utilization and allocation of limited resources in the best possible way.

The main purpose of this website is to present my art in forms of online exhibitions. With each exhibit displaying pieces that speak for a chosen theme and, when compiled together, tell an even more intricate story that couldn’t be simpler to understand. So hopefully, even though we’re strangers we’ll connect with the quietest places of our hearts as I attempt to present what we cannot speak in words. Bringing it all for you to enjoy right where you are, using no fancy supplies and large studios rather the trash I could find in my house.

Apart from our own tales, art can be used to both spread awareness of all the good in this world and highlight its flaws for the better, hence shall be my attempt too.

I believe there are endless possibilities of creations even from what we may consider nothing at the first glance. Soon you shall realize that too and see all that we can do with most ordinary things in the most ordinary ways. Because truly there is no greater perfection than what hides in the little bits of our everyday lives and the eternity of our own minds. So look around. Can you see the stories hidden in every little smudge on the walls and all other things lying unnoticed in your very room?

Isn’t our world so beautiful,

Do you find it magical too?

- S.

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Spring, 1984 [SOON]

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