A long poem on modern relationships and the silly portrayal of love


A long poem on modern relationships and the silly portrayal of love

Quite an amusing world we live in! A never mellowing trail of incredibly flashy love stories yet an even greater number of tormented and lonely people. Either unsatisfied in their relationships or desperately seeking to begin one. So when did love get so hard?

As soon as we stopped viewing it as a relationship two people share and more like a fairytale elixir to end all our life’s troubles. The one antidote to satisfy all our self-needs in the form of another person. Expectations straight out of white screens and perfectly written dialogues, real life is quite lacklustre. But don’t worry if the person cannot please each need you throw at them, heartbreaking music always has a greater artistic appeal.

Today I’m here for neither love tales nor sad sagas, but here’s a long sarcastic poem on modern relationships and the unrealistic portrayal of love in movies and music. Enjoy;

And that’s the end! Hope you liked the read as much as I enjoyed writing this. Continuing the trail to comment on weird things we admire, the next blog will be 3 sculptures on how much we would give away of us in the race to fit the “cool” image. Will be up before the next week, you can turn on the notifications with the bell icon!

P.S. let’s make this conversation two-sided, would love to hear your thoughts in the comments 🙂                                               

                                                                                                            [Published on : 24/05/22]

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