3 modern sculptures made with newspapers | The race to cool


3 modern sculptures made with newspapers | The race to cool, Part#1

What people can give up to fit the “cool” image? Almost anything! What this apparent coolness adds to our lives is quite unclear, yet the desperate attempts run wild. Whether it’s the chase of followers on social media, having the most expensive devices, or getting intoxicated out one’s mind, it’s all marked as a celebration of youth, freedom and reckless coolness. To join the party toasting these topics, I made three sculptures out of old newspapers on what we will give up to fit the “cool” tag. All inspired by my fellow scholars, my ideas behind, and the meaning hidden in them shall be your company as you continue your viewing.


Sculpture #1 - So Popular!

The idea behind

Followers on social media or a series of admirers in real life, having a crowd around is quite an everlasting wish of most of us. Take out a chunk of our money, our soul, our personality or comfort, the clan of supporters, true or fake, seems more important than any of it. Hence, this sculpture. Can you see what it’s showing?

[Size : 70 c.m. x 30 c.m.]

Sculpture #2 - Smart

The idea behind

The most expensive smartphones in hand, operating here without half his brains, here comes the smart man. Ever-changing social media trends, the news sensations, bombardment of information, and the utter vital component of having the latest coolest gadgets all surround our lives. 

A few years ago I was sitting on my college campus reading alone. A random classmate of mine joined me and the conversation slowly slipped to discussing the general problems and stress we face as students. After a while in, he said, you know I am just trying to get the latest iPhone or MacBook, that’s it. That’s all I need. To which I asked, what will that fix and his reply was a long list of basically how cool the devices would make him look. This sculpture was the image I saw in my head as I thought, dude will really sell a part of his brain to hold that phone. Don’t know what miraculous solution Apple is hiding from me, but I never sat with him again. But thanks to him came this sculpture and the idea of this entire series. (Hope you got your iPhone! )

[Size : 55 c.m. x 40 c.m.]

Sculpture #3 - What are you smoking?

The idea behind

A few years ago, I believe on the anti-tobacco day, Times of India published an entire page on the same theme. That article included stories about former addicts and how they started smoking. One story that stood out to me was of a girl who stated she started smoking to prove she could smoke too, like the boys, and later got addicted to it. Smoking, drinking and getting intoxicated are heavily portrayed as a grand sign of coolness, freedom and youth.

But I wonder if we constantly need a horribly unhealthy substance to live life and have fun, are we really living or simply escaping what our lives truly are?

[Size : 65 c.m. x 30 c.m.]

End Note!

And those were my three sculptures from the race to cool series. If you’ve noticed the label mentions “Part 1” because I’ve quite a lot to say and create on this topic. So part 2 will soon be your companion. And even better are the next pieces I’ve lined up,

So turn on the notifications with the bell icon in the bottom right corner!

We’re all cool as we are, or even if we aren’t, does it matter? Being ordinary or special or anything, it’s all the same because at the end we’re all just people living in our own chaotic and ever-changing lives! The more we base our lives on how it looks externally to all around us, the more we’re unhappy and forever judged. There is nothing more magical and perfect as simply living and life itself is the greatest ride, exactly as it is! 🙂

What are your thought? Comment below and let’s talk!

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