Simple creative art from recycled objects. Sculpture and newspaper creations. Deep meaningful artwork.

Creative contemporary art from found objects. Sustainable sculptures. Aesthetic beautiful poetries. small deep poems

Spring, 1984

Poetries        and         escapes.

Poetries        and         escapes.



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Spring, 1984 [SOON]

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Absence can quickly be the greatest inspiration for creation. Well it was mine, ever since I was little, my small town never shared my inclination to art. Hence came a trail of online searches of art websites, sculpture artwork, sculpture art example, abstract sculpture art, free online art gallery, best free online art gallery, best place to view art online, best online art galleries in India, Online art gallery museum, and so on. Alas, I never found what I was searching for. Ergo this website. To create a place for both you and me to Experience art, differently. Wherever we might be.

Enjoy, S.

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